Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Enjoyable Econometrics


Philip Hans Franses


Cambridge University Press




List of Tables

List of Figures


Chapter 1: Introduction


Chapter 2: Correlation and Regression 

Are fouls correlated with yellow cards in soccer?

Will men and women ever run marathons within two hours?

Do ranked salaries show a specific pattern?


Data Appendix to Chapter 2


Chapter 3: Money

Do we suffer from money illusion?

How do we pay with cash?

How do we pay with Euro notes when some notes are missing?

What happens if we round all payments at 0.05 EUR cents?


Data Appendix to Chapter 3

Appendix to Chapter 3: Econometric Methods



Chapter 4: Financial Literacy and Numeracy

Can people deal with interest rates?

If borrowing money costs money, shall we tell how much?

Can we fool people a little bit?

Can we fool people a lot?

Appendix to Chapter 4: Econometric Methods

Chapter 5: Postal Stamps and Banknotes

Can we predict price bubbles in collectible postal stamps?

Are banknotes with more zeroes due to inflation?

Which stamps are scarce and why?

Appendix to Chapter 5: Econometric Methods

Chapter 6: Fashion, Art and Music

Are hemlines informative for the business cycle?

Do artists who live longer peak later?

Was the music in the sixties and seventies better?


Appendix to Chapter 6: Econometric Methods


Chapter 7: Academic Publications

How does the publication process work?

Does more productivity precede more citations?

Which types of econometrics papers get most citations?

Do more revisions lead to more often cited papers?

Can papers have a second life?

Appendix to Chapter 7: Econometric Methods

Chapter 8: Trends and Fads

Are only winters getting warmer?

How do the wealthiest fare when the economy grows?

Will transfer prices of soccer players level off?

Do trends in ADHD medication persist?

The end of the hype: The New Economy?


Data Appendix to Chapter 8
Appendix to Chapter 8: Econometric Methods

Chapter 9: The Takeaways

List of econometrics’ topics you came across


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